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Opti Coat Pro ceramic coating : 5 year warranty!!

Opti Coat Pro Plus ceramic coating :  Includes a one step buff and polish paint correction to enhance the shine, gloss, WOW, . . . Click Here To Read More

How to remove a protein shake stain

Last week, a customer called and her situation was that a protein shake had spilled between the rear console and rear passenger seat.  She didn’t have the equipment, know-how, or desire, to clean the . . . Click Here To Read More

How to remove stains in a car seat

Literally every day we have customers calling to ask if we can take the stains out of their upholstery or carpeting in their car.  There are many different factors that can determine if we . . . Click Here To Read More

How to remove car interior mold

A customer called looking to have the interior of his GMC Envoy detailed.  He said it was in standard condition, but might have gotten wet in the past from a window that was left . . . Click Here To Read More

How to remove ink from an upholstery car seat

This is the front passenger headrest of a Toyota Corolla.  This customer has children that like to use an ink pen and draw lines across the headrest.  Unfortunately the customer didn’t know how to . . . Click Here To Read More

Paint scratch removal

We came upon this black Ford Mustang and noticed on the rear spoiler it had a very nasty looking scratch.  Not being sure how it got there, we knew we could help remove it. . . . Click Here To Read More

Brake dust removal using Meguiars Wheel Brightener and a Cone Brush

We have used a lot of different wheel cleaners to clean and remove brake dust from wheels.  Meguiars distributes a product called Meguiars Wheel Brightener D140.  It’s an acid based cleaner that does a . . . Click Here To Read More

How to remove windshield washer fluid paint stains

Windshield washer fluid is an excellent way to help keep a windshield clean, but it does have a few nasty side effects.  It contains chemicals that cause corrosive effects from methanol, ethanol, and other components on . . . Click Here To Read More

VIDEO: Steam cleaning and using heat extraction on Jeep Cherokee upholstery seats

Today we had a 2008 Jeep Grand Cherokee come in for an interior steam clean detail, as well as the exterior and engine.  The customer is selling the Jeep and she wants it cleaned . . . Click Here To Read More

VIDEO: Steam cleaning car upholstery seats

We get asked every day how we go about cleaning upholstery seats in a vehicle.  Today, we are going to show you with the video below.  The video just shows the process we take. . . . Click Here To Read More