Car Carpet Stain

While working on a car in Columbus Ohio today we came across a stain that, according to the owner, had been there before he bought the car four years ago.  Usually, when a stain has sat that long on the surface, it is most likely not going to come out all the way.  But we wanted to give it our best shot and see what would happen after we used our carpet shampoo and our heated carpet extractor.  We did not use our vapor steamer this time, we wanted to see what the results would be while solely using the extractor.

Carpet Shampoo

We saturated the stained carpet with our highly concentrated carpet shampoo.  After letting it sit on the surface for a  minute, it was now time to scrub the area.

Carpet Shampoo Scrub Brush

As one can see, the combination of the scrub brush with the carpet shampoo is drawing most of the dirt to the surface.

Carpet Extractor

The heated carpet extractor sprays a 210-degree water and cleaning solution down into the carpet fibers, and the vacuum lifts the dirt.

Light Carpet Stain

Above is the finished product.  It’s 90 percent better, but the spot is still visible.  The heated carpet extractor and the carpet shampoo works very well.  In these particular cases, our vapor steamer would be used to further attempt to bring even more dirt to the surface.  From the results of this test, however, I feel the results were pretty good!


Thanks for reading,

Clint Allerton