Dirty Car Engine

One of the most enjoyable services that I offer is engine cleaning, shampooing, and dressing.  This is a service that I highly recommend for a vehicle every year or so, but especially if someone is wanting to sell the vehicle.  A first impression means everything, and I always suggest the customer show the potential buyer the engine first.  By creating that initial “Wow” or “Pop” right out of the gate really sets the tone for a good sale.  In this particular case, the owner of this car bought it for his daughter as her first car and wanted it to Bling like new.  It’s a 2009 Hyundai Sonata with 117,000 miles.  (Much nicer than my first car, which was a 1985 Dodge Onmi, and let’s just say that engine was never detailed!)  As the photo above shows, the engine could use some TLC to make it shiny and pretty.

Engine Shampoo

One of the things I always do is start the engine, and make sure there are no warning lights on the dash.  That way, we know for sure there are no issues with the engine before I start the cleaning process.  After covering the alternator and using WD40 on the exposed electrical components to protect them from the water elements, I lightly sprayed the cool engine with water, not a lot, just enough to make it damp.  I use a “Foam Gun” made by the Tornador company.  Though not shown in this blog, the Foam Gun is a must-have tool.  Simply fill the container with some degreaser and water, and the Foam Gun will create TONS of soapy foam that is perfect for this application, shown above.  Most degreasers work well.  In this case, I used Detail King’s Magnum Degreaser.  I let the soapy degreaser sit on the surface for a few minutes as it eats away at the dirt and grime.  In some cases, such as on “work trucks” and very, very dirty cars, I will use a cone brush to get in the cracks and crevices.  But this car wasn’t too bad, and I didn’t use any brushes.  The Magnum Degreaser did all the work!  Perfect!

Engine Dressing


The product above is Detail King’s Non-Silicone Engine Dressing.  It’s awesome.  By far one of my favorite products.  On a clean engine, this product can make an engine look, literally, brand new.  “Brand New” is a phrase that I refrain from saying in my business, but with the engine cleaning and this product, I feel pretty comfortable in saying the phrase!  It’s Non Silicone attribute, makes it Non Harmful to the engine and all its electrical components, such as the EGT Sensors and other electronics.  After the engine has been sprayed off to remove the excess dirt, grime, soap, etc, it’s time to dry the engine with an air compressor and blowgun.  After the engine is dry, I shut the engine off because the fan on the radiator can blow the dressing everywhere, such as on the bottom of the windshield.  Next, I sprayed a light mist of the Non-Silicone Engine Dressing on the engine.  Once that’s complete, I start the engine again, close the hood, and let it run for five or ten minutes.  The heat from the engine seems to spread the dressing evenly over the engine, and the remaining dressing dissipates to the point where there is no residue, just shine.  Hardly any wiping is necessary.  This is an awesome product and is a must-have for any auto detailer.

Hyundai Sonata Engine

Finished product!  Now, remember, this car is a 2009 and has 117 thousand miles.  The engine looks brand new.  This is why I always suggest the engine shampoo and dressing service, especially if the owner wants to sell the car.  Or, if the owner ever needs to work on the engine.

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