Dog Hair In Car

One of the worst parts of a car detail is trying to remove the pet hair that may be embedded deep inside the carpets and seats.  We all love our pets, but removing dog hair can be one of the worst projects ever.  Before I bought the Fur Zoff Pet Hair Removal Tool, I used brushes, lint rollers, vacuums, but nothing ever seemed to work until I bought the Fur Zoff.

Fur Zoff Pet Hair Remover

I am not exactly sure what the Fur Zoff is made of, but this is a must-have tool for any auto detailer.  It’s not very expensive, ranging from about 10 to 15 dollars.  It lasts for years as well.  It’s cheap, and it works, what could be better?

Removing dog hair from a car

It’s very simple to use the Fur Zoff.  Simply scrape and sweep the tool in one direction across the carpet, seat, or affected area.  The tool will pull the dog hair from the surface and to a location of your liking.  Car detailing requires the use of this product.  This tool, I would say, removes 95 percent of the pet hair.  The longer the pet hair the better.  Some pets have short hair, such as a Boxer dog, and they can require a lot more work.  But simply put, this tool is amazing, and is a must-have for sure.  Usually after using the Fur Zoff, and a quick vacuum, you are all set.  I highly recommend this to any pet owner.

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