Dirty Steering Wheel

The photo above shows a very dirty steering wheel of a Ford King Ranch F150 truck that I detailed in Columbus Ohio today.  The truck was not in very bad shape, but the owner works at a well-drilling company, and needless to say, his hands get dirty and that means, so does the steering wheel.  Look closely at the photo.  It shows dirt and grime embedded deep in the leather steering wheel.

Cleaning a dirty steering wheel

The cleaning process is fairly simple.  I used Meguiars All Purpose Cleaner, a microfiber towel, and some elbow grease.  The photo above shows me spraying the steering wheel with the cleaner.  The key is to let it soak in for a minute, then wipe the steering wheel.

Cleaning a steering wheel

I believe I went over this steering wheel a couple of times with the cleaner and microfiber towel.  The dirt and grime were very bad on the steering wheel so it took a couple of applications.

Ford King Ranch Steering Wheel

The steering wheel is now clean.  If one looks closely, it appears dark at about the 9 and 11 o’clock mark.  That is from wear from the driver.  The dirt and grime are gone, but it has eaten its way into the steering wheel.  This is a classic case of the owner waiting too long for detailing.  The steering wheel looks a lot better though, and the owner was thrilled with the detail of his Ford King Ranch Truck.

Thanks for reading!

-Clint Allerton

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