melted crayon in cup holder

I was detailing a Buick Enclave in Columbus Ohio today and I came across several melted crayons in the car cup holder.  The photo above shows that this was a situation at hand, and definitely not easy for the owner to remove and clean.  The owner has three kids, and like my kids at home, they love to leave crayons in cup holders, especially on hot, sunny, days.  Thankfully, I have the tools and equipment to get the job done, and pretty easily.

melted crayon removal

What’s the best way to remove the melted crayons?  To re-melt the crayons!  The vapor steamer that I use a VX5000 purchased from Vapor Systems.  It has all sorts of attachments, but in this case, no attachment was used, just strait and direct 320-degree steam.  The photo above shows the steam, at low pressure, is applied to the melted crayon.  The reason I didn’t use a high volume of steam is that the melted crayon will splash around, up in my face, and even as high as the headliner.  So low pressure was used.  Steaming a little bit at a time, I used a microfiber towel to wipe up the now liquefied crayon.

Buick Enclave Cup Holder

A small amount of Meguiars All Purpose Cleaner was used to wipe the cup holder out and dried with a microfiber towel.  Project finished.  The power and the simple process of using a vapor system is a game-changer with the car detailing world.  After having a steamer, there would be no going back to not having one.  It’s used in every car.  It’s easier, quicker, and gives much better results.

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