Opti Coat Pro

A few days ago a return customer had me install Opti Coat Pro on his 2012 Kia Optima XS.  Last year, he had a coat of Blackfire Wet Diamond installed and he was very happy with the results.  When he called for a new layer of Blackfire, I told him the added benefits of using Optimum Opti Coat Pro.  The car is beautiful, all black and actually, he has done a great job taking care of the car for the past year.  After prepping the car for the Opti Coat Pro installation, I knew the car would look great once finished.

Opti Coat Pro Flash

Opti Coat Pro has a very quick flashpoint.  After wiping the coating on the prepared surface of the car, within a few minutes it will flash as the photo above indicates.  Notice the rainbow effect.  Optimum Opti Coat Pro is mostly self-leveling, so wiping is usually at a minimum.  After a few moments, the product is ready for a very quick wipe with a brand new microfiber towel.  Being careful not to remove the excess coating, the reason to wipe the excess is to level any high spots that might be visible.  It was actually nice having the customer there with me that evening because he helped me look for any high spots and together we made a good team.  You can never have too many eyes with car detailing.

Opti Coat Flashing

This photo shows the reflection of the passenger door and the flashing “rainbow effect” that is created.  The temperature in my shop was about 60 degrees, and on hot summer days outdoors, the flashpoint is much quicker.  On colder days, one can use a hair blow dryer to help induce the flashpoint.  The temperature in my shop was almost perfect, as it added some extra time to make sure everything went smoothly.

2012 Black Kia Optima XS

Finished product!  Now being that the car has Opti Coat Pro installed, the customer might not need me any longer for exterior work.  But there’s always the interior, so you never know!  For more information on Opti Coat Pro, please visit our Opti Coat Pro page…

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