Car Paint Scratch

While doing an exterior detail today in Columbus Ohio on a Mercury Mountaineer the customer asked if I could try and remove a scratch that was in the car’s passenger side from rubbing against some bushes by the driveway.  The scratch was not very deep so I felt pretty confident that I could help him using a Porter Cable 7424xp dual action polisher, a Meguiars microfiber pad, and some Meguiars D300 polish.

Meguiars D300 Polish

I applied a very small amount of polish to the pad then used my finger to spread the polish into the pad fibers to prime it.

Meguiars Microfiber Pad

The pad is now primed and ready to go.  Only a small amount of polish is necessary.  Priming the pad is the most you will need to get started.  Afterward only apply a few small “dots” of polish.

Porter Cable 7424XP

At a speed of about 4 on the polisher, I carefully went over the area with very light pressure.  I let the machine do the work.  I used the polisher for about 45 seconds on the area in about 1-foot sections.

Mercury Mountaineer Door

After wiping the area clean with a microfiber towel, the scratch was gone.  The scratch was not very deep, so it came out pretty easily.  The Porter-Cable Dual Action Polisher is a great tool to remove light scratches.  The Meguiars microfiber polish and microfiber pad is also a good polish for this application.  The best part,….the customer was thrilled!

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