Work Completed Date:   June 18, 2013

Description Of Work:

Headlight restoration and engine clean

Member Comments:

I have a 2009 BMW with HID headlights.  There was some haziness and a few minor pits in both lenses that wouldn’t come out with normal washing so I tried to fix it myself with one of those DIY headlight restoration kits.  Big mistake!  By the time I finished I had done much more damage to the one headlight with a lot of visible sandpaper marks.  I felt terrible thinking I had ruined the lens for good.  I did some research and found the Auto Detail Doctor on Angie’s List and decided to give them a try.  Emailed Clint late Monday night, he got back to me the next morning and said he could fit me in that evening!  I was thrilled he could take me so soon.  He politely informed me that the minimum service call was $99 so we settled on restoring both headlights and an engine clean.  He arrived on time and got right to work.  Clint was very friendly and easy to talk to, he explained what I had done wrong and how he was going to fix it.  I told him if he could get the headlights half as clear as before I messed with them I would be satisfied. 

 All I can say is that the end result far, far exceeded my expectations.  Both lens were restored to 98% new!  I could not believe he was able to repair the damage I had done.  And the engine clean turned out better than I could have guessed.  It looks like a brand new car under the hood! 

 I would recommend Clint to anyone and will likely use him again.  While I do enjoy cleaning my own car there is something said about hiring a professional – the results are well worth the price.