Work Completed Date:   May 23, 2013

Description Of Work:

Complete detail outside – gorgeous.

Complete detail inside – cleaned and protected leather upholstery and carpets on a large wagon – wonderful.  Engine detail too.

Member Comments:

Clint Allerton is wonderful!  I had to postpone my original appointment because of travel plans, but he was very accommodating and treated the postponement very professionally.  He called the day before the new appointment to confirm and told me what time to expect him.  He called as he was finishing his earlier job and gave me an update that he’d be here earlier than expected.  He showed up when he said he would.  I live in a very hilly neighborhood with a VERY steep driveway, so we moved my car and his equipment to a parking lot near the bike trail and he worked out there in the sun.   The car is stunning!  I couldn’t be happier with the service and interaction.