One of the great things about having your car detailed is to have all of the “nooks and crannies” cleaned.  This can be a pretty difficult task at times, but I believe I have it down pretty well.  One of the most common places that can be very hard to reach is between the front seats and center console.  Sometimes, one cannot even get their fingers in there, much less reach down to the floor.

One turn off is to get the interior all cleaned up, only to look down between the seats and center console and find dirt, crumbs, grime, you name it.  It’s especially bad when coffee, soda pop, beer, juice, etc gets spilled between those areas.

Some of the tricks that I use were originated from my drag racing days as a professional crewmember.  The tool I use mostly is a simple air blow gun with an eleven-inch nozzle.  The name of the company that makes them is Vacula.  Mac Tools also makes a very similar (identical) model.  I attach the air hose from the air compressor to the blowgun, slip it down between the seats and console, and blow away.  Rather than vacuum the area, I blow it out and away.  The loose debris, dirt, grime, etc will almost always be cleaned so well that the area will look “new.”  Ninety percent of the time I use that method.

Best Crevice Tool

Sometimes when pop, coffee, or another liquid is spilled in that area I will spray an all-purpose cleaner down into the area.  After letting it sit for a minute, I take a paint stick and wrap it with a microfiber towel.  Once the all-purpose cleaner has loosened the grime, it will wipe away fairly easily.  As for the stained area on the carpet of that area, I will spray the carpet shampoo I use the best I can on the spot.  After letting it sit for a few minutes, I will use the air blow gun again and see if that removes the spot.  Usually, it does.  I also use a crevice tool that is used with the heated carpet extractor.  It’s a good tool, but not the best for that area.  Even though it’s a thin attachment, sometimes it’s still not thin enough.  I have found the air blow gun to be about as perfect as it’s going to get.

Using an air gun with an air compressor is something that one can use at home.  It only takes a few seconds, and I believe using the air blow gun is an excellent tool; it is my go-to tool for this cleaning application.

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