Stained Car Seat

I wanted to post a before and after photo in the blog today as we came across this seat while detailing a Chevrolet Impala in Columbus, Ohio today.  Impalas are great cars but they sure don’t have great seats, especially when they need a deep cleaning.  The owner claimed that the seats have been in the above condition “….the last couple of years.”

After a quick vacuum, I sprayed some carpet shampoo on the surface of the seat and let that sit for a few minutes.  After the vapor steamer was warmed up, I turned it on full power and used the steamer/brush to agitate the seat and loosed the dirt and grime.  The heat from the steam literally lifts the dirt to the surface, which makes the cleaning process much easier.  I immediately extracted the seats with the Mytee HP60 heated carpet extractor.  It’s a great tool!  It’s amazing how much dirt and grime it pulls out.  Look at the photo below to see the “After” condition.

Chevy Impala Car Seat

Carpet shampoo is a very effective first step, however, if one really wants to step up to the plate and hit a home run, go with a vapor steamer AND a heated carpet extractor to detail a car.  After having one, there is NO WAY I could go back to not having one.  It really makes a difference between a professional and an amateur.  Customers expect the best, and this method is definitely the best.  I highly recommend this method.  Thanks for reading!

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